Game Design

Robot Guppy 2015

Robot Guppy is a prototype 2D single-screen platform/action puzzle type game, featuring a robot named Guppy on his Journey to save his world from evil robots, that my group and I designed at freshman year of my multimedia education.

High Concept

In "Robot Guppy: Will the next journey be his last?" The player is a robot that collects Energy bars and has to deliver it to the main energy station, while avoiding bad robots in a robot city to save the world


  • The point of view is derived from old classic arcade games, with an interesting look, an innovative main character and unique setting.
  • An interesting narrative.
  • Beautiful Design.
  • The player control 'Robot Guppy', a clever robot with a moustache that with the help of the player can save the world.
  • The map is an urban robotic city, with multiple platforms you can get to.
  • Interesting enemies.
  • Picking up all energy bars on the map and delivering them to the energy station allows the player to progress to the next level.
  • The enemies moves from left to right and right to left, the player has to be quick and get up those ladders to avoid getting hit.
  • The player only gets 1 Health. If you die, you fail.
  • Progression awards more challenging levels.

Designing the game